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Thoughtful Gifts for Mom

Motherhood Affirmation & Encouragement Cards


"For Such A Time As This" Sticker


“Lion Chaser" Sticker


Motherhood Affirmation & Encouragement Cards Set of 2

($39.90 Without Bundle Discount)

“Protected In Every Adventure” Sticker


“Long Live Boyhood” Sticker


"Knit Together" Sticker


Sandstone Avenue Gift Card


“Protected In Every Adventure” Sticker Pack of 10

($39.50 Without Bundle Discount)

Sometimes you need to remind a new mom of how much you care about her during this exciting but overwhelming time in her life. What better way to tell them that than with Gifts For Mom? 

New babies are so precious, but they can also be hard on new parents. Sleep deprivation can make the transition particularly difficult! Give a thoughtful and loving gift that celebrates the new mother in your life, and you’ll find that it’s just the right time to show that you care. She won’t feel lost in the shuffle of caring for a newborn, and she’ll realize that she’s important to you. 

A gift like a soft and cozy knotted gown or a lovely touch of nursery room decor is a joy to buy for that adorable newborn--just don’t forget Mom, too!

Show your appreciation for her new role and for her presence in your life.