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Affirmation Cards

Motherhood Affirmation & Encouragement Cards


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The day you walk out of the hospital with your first child, you’ll know your life is forever changed. The joy is all-encompassing. This is a whole new level of love.

But you might also be overwhelmed and feel amazed that the staff let you go without an owner’s manual. Perhaps you’re even struggling with postpartum depression, which can truly bring you to your knees.

Parenting isn’t easy. There will be countless precious moments, but there will also be times when you’ll feel like it’s just too hard. 

Our affirmation cards are a reminder that you’re not in this alone. Some affirmations are scripture-based, others are reflections based on our relationship to God and how we’ve been chosen to mother.

Each expression was designed with great thought and love. There is one for each week of the year to help remind you of how much you matter and that you have access to Heavenly help.

Each deck of affirmation and encouragement cards includes 52 cards. Cards are 4" x 4" each and can be displayed in a variety of places: nightstands, refrigerators, desks, etc. Each deck is packaged and prayed over by another mom prior to shipment.