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Simple Mom Hacks to Help You Keep Your Sanity

by Sandstone Avenue on November 12, 2020

Are you struggling to keep your sanity with kids at home? Here are a few simple mom hacks I use to keep our household organized in the midst of the crazy!

  • Keep a wicker basket in our living room that matches our decor. Toys go in it before people come over, then I throw a blanket on top to cover the toys. If toys don’t fit in the basket they have to go in the playroom. The basket is for the things Bear plays with every day.
  • Organize toys in small bins. When Bear wants to play with something, we pick up the bin contents that are already out before getting out the next one. This helps keep too many toys from coming out at once and adding to the mess.
  • Use a mesh garment bag for baby socks so they don’t get lost in the wash.
  • Place command hooks on the inside of cabinet doors for silicone bibs and Norwex cloths.
  • Put children’s plates, bowls, cups, etc. in a separate drawer or cabinet that they can easily access. This promotes independence. Children can then takes responsibility for getting out and putting away their own kitchen items.

Try a few of these out for yourself and let me know what you think! Anything we can do as mommas to make our lives feel a little more put together and under control is always a good thing.


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