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How We Easily Remodeled Our Baby's Nursery

by Sandstone Avenue on November 04, 2020
We bought a fixer-upper, completed some “no demo reno” projects, and created a place to call home here in the sunflower state. My DIY heart is overjoyed... and exhausted. Because all DIYers know, there’s never a complete "after" when the projects keep flowing. We can’t wait to welcome friends and family through our front door.

Working around naps and bedtime has extended the project out a little longer than we anticipated. Making progress in three hour increments takes awhile, but we are excited to finally be moved in and somewhat settled. I’ll eventually hang pictures and art on the walls, and we’ll tackle the doors later, but white paint makes everything better. Am I right? We can’t wait to make memories here.

There’s no way I could do this on my own. It truly takes a village and we're so thankful for those that volunteered their evenings to paint, take up carpet + staples, load/unload our U-Haul, and for the kind souls that offered to love on our younger two during the day.

Here’s a few of my inspiration accounts that I love to follow:
- Modernly You for the all white walls and trim
- The Homegrown Apple for the painted floors
- Kindred Homestead for keeping the wood around windows for warmth
- Chris Loves Julia for the DIY tips
- Arrows and Bow for keeping each space meaningful and minimal

Here are some before and "during" photos of Bear and Jaxon's new little haven. The boys' room is currently serving as a nursery for the baby as well as an inviting space for our oldest to sleep and get ready for the day.


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