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How to Choose Baby's Coming Home Outfit

by Sandstone Avenue on November 03, 2020

Are you looking for the perfect coming home outfit for your newborn's first few days in the hospital and the journey home? Then a knotted gown is a choice that you will absolutely love! There are a number of reasons why knotted gowns are the newborn baby outfit of choice for any new mother.


Knotted gowns are usually made from either organic cotton or bamboo material for the softest and safest feel for your newborn baby. Each gown is soft to the touch but yet strong enough to withstand the inevitable stains and strains that come from regular wash and wear. They are also breathable to strike the perfect balance between lightweight and durability so that you won't be left needing a replacement gown like you would with cheaply made alternatives.


Another key to any premium baby outfit is the level of comfort the gown provides. A quality knotted gown provides a snug yet stretchy fit for when nap time and bed time require that extra amount of soothing. The bottom of the gown can be tied and untied with ease for simple diaper changes in between feedings and naps. The sleeves also should include fold-over mittens to protect baby's face from scratches and snags that can happen with wiggles and squirming.


One last thing to think about that sets some knotted gowns apart is the style and color choices of the materials. Each gown color should be the perfect complement to the elegantly modern style of mother and baby. These newborn baby outfits are sure to make your baby shine in birth announcement photos as you show off your new little one to the world! You can also pair a knotted gown with a customizable wooden birth announcement sign and your swaddle blanket of choice for the perfect birth announcement photo.

Don't forget to shop for an extra gown or two, as you will be changing baby's clothes regularly during the first few weeks of life when spit-up and blowouts happen.

Enjoy these moments, momma! You will never get them back and they are some of the hardest yet sweetest days and nights of your motherhood adventure.


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