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Corporate Gifting: Thoughtful Gifts for Employees and Customers Expecting a Baby

by Stryde on March 29, 2021

On average, we will spend a third of our lives at our place of employment. That works out to be a mind-boggling 90,000 hours. How we spend our hours makes up our days and ultimately our lives.

It is no wonder that our work families become so important. Often, we spend more time with our work families than anybody else. 

According to cnbc.com, one study found that “83 percent of U.S. employees say their work family makes them feel happier. Meanwhile, 69 percent say they are more successful at work because of these close connections.”

More than half of the respondents confessed that they would stay in their current job even if a better career opportunity arose. They expressed that they wouldn’t want to leave their work family, which illustrates just how instrumental having a tight-knit group of workmates can be.

Workplace happiness translates into workplace efficiency and success. Places of business with high turnover should take a look at their company culture and the overall happiness of their employees. Ultimately, the relationships with their workforce are in a large part the foundation of their thriving--or failing--business.


Start With You

The staff looks to their managers for the tone they set in the office. If you act like you’re all one big happy family, they’ll tend to follow your lead. However, sincerity is key. Remember, these are the people you’re spending your 90,000 hours with, too--you’ll be happier if you see them as your work family. Learn about their children. Follow their interests. Ask them how their game went, how their child did in a recital, or how a sick family member is doing. 

Start a company Slack channel or Facebook page where you can celebrate each other’s victories and commiserate over the harder aspects of life.

The larger the company, the more difficult it will be to set the tone you want in the office. It’s easy to offer a nearby employee a cup of coffee when you’re getting one for yourself, but if there are hundreds of people working the floor, connecting can be a daunting task.

The best thing you can do moving forward is to celebrate the milestones of the company together, but also the milestones of each other’s lives.


Baby Gifts for Employees

Whether a business is small or large, foster a tight-knit, friendly environment by recognizing those important moments. A particularly relevant, life-changing event is the birth, adoption, or fostering of a child. Welcome the newest members of your team’s families with a corporate gift program.

Here at Sandstone Avenue, we offer just such a gifting program for your business. Your employees will know that you care about them when the expectant parent receives a gift card or a present for their new baby.

Baby’s first day bundles are a particularly popular gift with our clients. The gift pack includes a snug and stretchy swaddle that’s designed to make babies feel safe and secure and minimizes the startle reflex that disturbs newborns into waking before they (and their parents) are ready.

These bundles also include a buttery soft knotted gown that is strong enough to withstand the inevitable strains of infancy. The bottom of the gowns are secured with a simple knot that can be untied quickly for diaper changes in between feedings and naps. 

Finally, our heirloom-quality birth announcements make the perfect statement piece for the nursery or to announce the baby's name to the world. After the nursery, these premium-quality wood announcements can later be incorporated onto a photo album cover or repurposed as a Christmas tree ornament. Either way, the keepsake will hold a special place in the parent’s hearts.

A gift card is also appropriate and allows the new parents to pick out their items according to preferences.

Whatever you choose, you will significantly impact your employee’s feelings of loyalty and investment in their place of business and home away from home.


Client Retention

As you establish and strengthen your office relationships, don’t forget to use corporate gift programs to solidify the bonds between you and your clients as well.

You probably have a favorite restaurant or store that keeps your business not only because of what they produce, but also because of the feelings of goodwill between you and the people who work there. Perhaps they greet you by name when you walk in the door, remember your favorite dish, and treat you like an old friend.

Similarly, your customers or clients will never forget you if you participate in the important moments of their lives.

During the holidays, by all means send a gift basket or your traditional present, but keep in mind that you’re more likely to get lost in the shuffle and mass exodus of corporate gift exchanges.

To stand out, recognize those important moments that come along in your clients’ lives. And remember that sincerity matters. Our baby bundles are a perfect way to celebrate with your clients, strengthen your relationships, and participate in a corporate gifting program that will make a positive impact on their family.

According to Knack founder Laura Jennings, when she was discussing the return-on-investment of business gifts for Forbes, “C-suite executives are especially impacted by a gift that tells a story and facilitates a deeper personal connection, which 94% of top executives believe is important to business success. Over 80% of C-suite executives believe that business gifts generate measurable positive ROI in addition to intangible benefits.” 

In one survey, a  respondent said, “Gifts humanize business.“ Another said, “It pays for itself two fold.”

Or, in other words from this blanket company, “corporate gifts given by a company to employees, potential clients or customers helps express appreciation on behalf of the company. When customized, these gifts also act as a memento and goodwill gesture, helping to reinforce your brand. Giving unique corporate gifts also signifies that the company values the relationship between them and the other party.”

Please contact us if you have any questions about our corporate gifting program. We’d love to be a partner in your success.


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