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7 Cute Ways to Announce Your Baby’s Birth

by Sandstone Avenue on March 24, 2022

Announcing the arrival of your newborn earthside is so exciting. Your family and friends have likely been waiting for months, or maybe you’re someone who is just dropping the news for the first time as a huge surprise. 

A few tips before taking photos to announce the baby’s arrival: 

  • Set items for the new baby announcement aside prior to delivery when packing your hospital bag
  • Make sure the baby is well fed and has a clean diaper
  • It’s always best to take the photos in a space that is warm

Newborns love to be swaddled to replicate their time in the womb. If you’re photographing in the hospital and can’t get the right swaddle, ask a nurse. They have experience and are always happy to help. Here are my favorite birth announcement ideas:

1. Hi, I’m Birth Announcement

The simplicity of this baby announcement reveals the baby's name and a little glimpse of the newest arrival. We love it paired with a swaddle, too. When packing your hospital bag, be sure to add your announcement props to the list. I liked having those items in a separate compartment and communicated with my husband on where to find them and what those items were for. If you’re having a photographer come in for photos, be sure to communicate this with them as well. It’s always a good idea to send your photographer inspiration photos prior to the session so you’re both on the same page to ensure you receive the images you were hoping to be taken at the hospital.

Newborn in a swaddle with a baby announcement sign

2. Photo From the Delivery Room

This one is my favorite! I love seeing the face of a mom who has conquered delivery, whether it be natural or cesarean, while holding her fresh baby earthside. It feels like a new level of accomplishment and something her village can connect with. This is us after our second was born and our oldest got to meet his little sister. Even though my labor was short and the delivery was quick, I was still exhausted. When he got to hold her for the first time and meet our baby girl, he was thrilled to have her in our arms together. His face says it all.

Big brother meeting little sister at hospital

3. Birth Announcement with Stats

This baby arrival announcement offers all the details of your littlest babe. We love it paired with a hat and knotted gown. If you’re looking for something simple to add into your baby boy announcement photos, these stars are a great neutral tone. Or, you can buy these and make your own. For a baby girl announcement, these neutral baby hair bows are a great addition and can be used as she grows. Keeping the background and swaddle blanket neutral really keeps the focus on the baby and the birth announcement information. All of our birth announcements can be written on with a fine tip sharpie. Don’t forget to add these to your hospital bag if you’re wanting to write in the statistics after birth. If you plan to take this photo at home, set aside the items you’ll be including in your photo when you pack your hospital bag. Labeling them “For Birth Announcement Photo” helps so that when others come over to help after your hospital stay, these items don’t get misplaced.

Baby wrapped in swaddle blanket next to birth announcement with stats

4. In a Woven Bassinet with Snuggle Me Organic Insert 

Probably the most popular neutral announcement includes a woven bassinet and this organic insert. Both work perfectly together. The bassinet was made to fit the lounger! Baby stays cozy and relaxed while you prepare to capture him or her for the first time. Make sure the baby is comfortable in this knotted hat and gown to ensure a cozy sleeping experience for the baby while mom snaps a few first photos at home.

Baby asleep in woven bassinet

5. Printed Paper Announcement

Going old school and wanting to mail out your birth announcement? You’ll find cute baby announcements from minted.Their layouts are easy to design and prints are mailed right to you. To make it easier on you postpartum, be sure to gather addresses prior to your delivery. The best place to do this is at your baby shower. Request that your hostesses set up a table for guests to sign in with their name and updated address. When you’re writing Thank You cards, go ahead and address a second envelope for them to receive their paper announcement in. Then, once you’ve printed and received the announcements you’re simply placing them in the envelopes you’ve already addressed, putting a stamp on the front, and mailing the envelopes out. 

6. In Their New Nursery

One of the most exciting preparations for moms is designing and decorating a nursery to bring the baby home to. This crib from Pottery Barn by Babyletto is a favorite neutral. Along with these sheets from Cloud Island. Capturing the baby in their bed and cozy with their new knotted gown seems to be the final touch to complete the nursery design.

Baby in knotted gown lying down in crib

7. With a New Lovey from Cuddle and Kind

This handmade doll is heirloom quality and sure to be a favorite addition to a baby birth announcement. Each doll purchased provides 10 meals. These dolls are made in Peru and the company offers the artisans a fair trade wage. The same doll can also be used alongside the baby in each monthly milestone photo to show growth throughout the first year.  

Handmade doll and name birth announcement sign


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