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10 Things You Can Do To Make A Mom Feel Loved

by Sandstone Avenue on March 31, 2022

Moms spend so much time caring for others and it’s easy to overlook all they do. Instead of viewing her actions as a blessing, we easily make them expectations. Any mom loves a word of encouragement or affirmation to believe her love for the home is valued. A godly mother is a wise steward of her home, time, and resources. Proverbs 31:27 says, "She watches over the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness." She takes responsibility for her resources and has a plan for the proper management of her home and time.


1. Nice Things To Do For Your Mom: Flowers

Fresh flowers are great! They add a beautiful reminder that everything blooms in the right season and it adds a fresh touch of nature to any space. I love this vase to put a fresh bouquet in. But, DO NOT send a plant to a new mom. She’s trying her best to keep her tiny humans happy and healthy- she doesn’t need a plant to keep alive, too. However, if you’re shopping for a mom who loves gardening, these seeds are a great way to share flowers that keep providing. Storing them in this organizer makes seeds easily accessible like Heather from @BoldlyNorth.


2. How to Make Your Mom Feel Better: Handwritten Notes

This is old school, but how excited do you get when you have REAL mail in your mailbox and not just spam that just goes in the trash? It doesn’t have to be much. A short note of affirmation goes a long way in making a mom feel better. I love these everyday cards, adding a little note, and then mailing them to a mom who needs something to brighten up her day, or week. Snail mail definitely takes more thought, but it’s always worth the effort to the receiver.


3. Moms Who Feel Unappreciated: Text

Not all of us have time to send snail mail every time we are thinking of someone. A simple text to a mom saying, “Thinking of you and praying you feel God’s presence today.” is a meaningful and simple reminder to moms, especially moms who feel unappreciated.


4. How to Support New Mothers: Coffee or Favorite Treat Drop Off

I always try to make a note in my contacts of my mom-friends’ favorite drinks and treats. Then, I ask when a good time would be to drop off on the porch. Don’t plan to stay long or to even see their face. Using something like this service allows you to order online and have it delivered. Just knowing that you care about them is meaningful enough. New moms still in the fourth trimester might just be rolling out of bed after a long night of cluster feeding, or maybe she has older kids who are sick and she was changing sheets and clothes all night. Either way, finding a treat on your doorstep feels like a tiny reward for all the work she is doing in the home and knowing she has support from her village makes the work of the home easier to accomplish.


5. Catch Up with Mom Friends: Invitation to Lunch

Send an invitation to lunch with a mom-friend. Let her know that you’d love to catch up and hear all about her current happenings. Maybe you haven’t seen each other in years, or you see each other every Sunday, but don’t have time to go into detailed conversation. Be prepared to be a listening ear and provide reassurance for the blessings she is providing for her home.


6. What To Get A New Mom: Motherhood Affirmation Cards

The easiest and most meaningful way to let moms know you’re thinking of them is by sending these motherhood affirmation cards. As a set of 52, she has one for each week of the year. Or, drop off one card randomly to the women you’re praying for and feel lead to cover in prayer that week. 


7. Mommy Care Packages: DIY Basket

Send a thoughtful gift for mom! I love these scrunchies, a journal to write down thoughts, stickers, and a gift card. Baby showers are filled with items for babies, but don’t forget about mom too! Scrunchies are perfect for the hospital bag and to keep at a nursing station to tie back hair while feeding the baby. Gather all the items for her care package and place in this basket.


8. What to Send a New Mom: Mark Your Calendar

Once the baby's birth is announced, I like to mark my calendar for three months postpartum. You can send a text or flowers and let her know you’re thinking of her as she’s just finished up the 4th trimester and adjusting to the newness can be difficult. She’s been pulled in all directions as a new mom and is most likely exhausted after the baby’s growth spurt or sleep regression.


9. How to Make Mom Happy: Provide a Service

Let her know that you’re willing to come sit with the baby while she’s showering or spending time with her other children. For moms that are past the newborn stage, offer to take their little(s) out for a treat while she has some time to herself to run a few errands. Not into childcare? Arrange a time for someone to come clean their house. If you’re on a budget, offer to do it yourself. Or, think of a skill you have that mom would benefit from. Maybe she’s mentioned getting more organized and you could knock out a couple closets or the pantry for her while she’s at an appointment. Dads and older kids- do a chore that mom typically does. Fold laundry, empty the dishwasher, or make dinner without being asked, then watch the joy that it brings her!


10. For Moms At Any Stage of Motherhood: Pamper Her

Allow her time to herself with organic ingredients and without having to leave the house. Provide this detox bath, this clay mask, and this ultimate skincare package. After having babies she feels like alone time is non-existent between dishes and laundry. Find a way to get the kids out of the house for a few hours, or maybe an overnight with grandparents. This time to pamper herself will give a renewed mind and energy so she can continue mothering her babies when they return.


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