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10 Cute Baby Outfits For Newborns

by Sandstone Avenue on January 12, 2022

So you have a newborn! Congratulations! Newborn babies are a wonderful miracle. Since they don’t know how to do much for themselves, you’re going to be doing everything for them. Feeding, changing, bathing, teaching, and dressing. While all of parenthood has its fun parts, dressing a newborn baby can easily become a favorite. Tiny clothes are some of the cutest baby gear you’ll be buying and using. So, soak up every minute, and take a few newborn baby outfit ideas from our list.


1. Knotted Gowns

Knotted gowns are comfy and warm. As you might suspect, they’re a long gown that has been tied at the bottom. They’re so cute on little newborns, and they keep them warm while not keeping them too tightly wrapped.


2. Onesies

Onesies are a great all-in-one option for your baby. You can buy them so that they are pantless or have long pants. The pantless ones simply snap up and can even be put under a pair of pants. You can also use them for layering. You can put your baby in one and put almost any other outfit item on top for some added warmth and protection from the sun—as well as helping contain those pesky blowouts.


3. Fleece Pajamas

If you have a winter baby, or you’re from a cold area, a pair of fleece pajamas make a great newborn outfit. Like the onesies, fleece pajamas are an all-in-one option that can snap or zip up. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and they’ll keep your baby snuggly, warm, and adorable. 


4. Twirly Dress

If you have a spring or summer baby, twirl dresses can be an adorable outfit option. Keep in mind that since babies do get cold easily and have sensitive skin, layering some tall socks or tights under the dress for added protection is a good idea.


5. Half Zip Sweater

There is nothing cuter than a baby boy in a tiny half zip sweater. If you’re going to a more formal event, consider a half-zip sweater, for the baby. The sweater pulls over their head and only zips up a little. Pair the sweater with a little pair of black, blue, or khaki colored pants, they’ll be the best dressed little man at your event.


6. Puffer Vests

If you want to keep your baby warm while not putting them in a full jacket, consider a puffer vest. Puffer vests are not only so cute but they can be layered over long sleeves to keep babies looking adorable and warm.


7. Ruffle Tops and Pants

Ruffle tops are geared towards little ladies, and they are so cute! Dress your newborn in a long sleeve ruffle top and a pair of straight-pant leggings or pants. This is a great way to dress your baby up, a little bit. It’s much fancier than pajamas but warmer and simpler than a dress. 


8. Rompers

Rompers are a gender-neutral clothing option that comes in so many colors and prints. You can buy them in long/short pants and sleeve combinations, and it’s all one piece. One-piece outfits can be a great option for a little newborn that is just learning how to move and function. Rompers are comfy, breathable, and very cute.


9. Blankets

Let’s face it, new babies are almost always in a blanket, even in the summer months. So, while a blanket alone isn’t an outfit, it’s part of your baby’s wardrobe. Pick a few soft blankets that you can alternatively use to carry the baby around with and keep in their stroller. People will probably see the blankets more than the baby’s outfit, in some instances.


10. Accessories

We’ll admit that you shouldn’t dress your baby in accessories alone. However, beanies, headwraps, bows, and bink clips make such a cute addition to any of the outfits listed above. Some accessories are functional. For example, beanies have the wonderful bonus of being warm, and binky clips help you keep the baby’s binky from hitting the floor. While not as functional, bows and headwraps are adorable too. They’re more for looks than function, but they can round out an outfit.

No matter what you decide to dress your baby in, whether it’s pajamas or a sweatsuit, as long as they are comfortable and warm, that’s all that matters. It can be fun to add a little extra flair as needed, but it’s not necessary. So, don’t feel any pressure if you or your baby just aren’t comfortable.


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